About Us

Tebian for Educational and Social Sciences

ISSN: 2757-9891

A peer-reviewed semi-annual scientific journal, issued by Midad Center for Educational Studies and Researches, mainly interested in issuing original and contemporary educational and psychological researches as well as sociological studies. It contributes to the advancement of the field of knowledge in question

Goals of the Journal

  • Issuing innovative researches, presented by scholars in fields related to educational and psychological sciences, reviewed by scientific evaluators.
  • Issuing translated researches of value within fields of the journal interest.
  • Establishing scientific cooperation between the journal and international scholars within fields of the journal interest.
  • Exchanging materials issued by the journal with journals internationally peer-reviewed and international electronic publication platforms, so as to establish scientific communication and exchange scientific expertise.
  • Publishing special issues and files of specific topics.
  • -Issues to be available on the journal web site for extra benefits.
  • Placing emphasis to researches of critical need to the Syrian society in this period of time dealing with issues of education, psychological health, social services, children, women, elders, orphans and those  with special needs.
  • Partnering with researches banks and international data base