Publication Ethics

Publishing Morality

-The scholar pledges that the research has not been published before, not extracted from a MA thesis ,a Phd Thesis, or a book, and never submitted to other sides and would never be, till the reviewers come to a conclusion, and the scholar agrees to transfer the publishing and writing rights to the journal after the final version is cleared for publication.

-The scholar presents the scientific material on the journal web site.

-All researches are subject to primary study by the journal administration, to make sure it coincides with the publication rules of the journal.

-All the researches are subject to primary study by an editor, specialist in the field of the research in question, to determine eligibility of the research to the reviewers.

-All researches and studies submitted are to be judged by two reviewers specialized in the field of the research in question and belonging to different countries and nationalities, experienced in researching and with scientific profiles. In case of contradiction, the research is to be sent to a weighted reviewer.

-The journal ensures that the rank of the reviewer is scientifically higher than that of the scholar.

-The editor-in-chief can provide the researcher with the reviewers' refusal of the research without mentioning names or obligation to respond to the researcher's arguments.

-In case the researcher's modifications are late for more than two weeks from the date of receiving the reply of the journal, the research is then considered withdrawn, unless a force-majeure excuse assessed by the editorial board is available.

-The journal is not obliged to offer reasons for non-accepting a research.

-Once accepted for publication in the journal, it may not be published in another scientific one at all.

-materials submitted for publications express the authors' own views, and they are held accountable for the accuracy and authenticity of the information and the suggestions provided.